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The Brain Story

​​​​​​​The Brain Story describes how early childhood experiences shape our brains to influence lifetime health. Part of that story is about how adverse childhood experiences can influence risk for later physical and mental illness, including addiction.

The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative developed an online course to teach Brain Story science to non-experts. Upon completion, participants receive a certification eligible for professional accreditation and continuing medical education credits.

Over the next three years, CCSA aims to raise understanding of Brain Story science across Canada. Our goal is to facilitate its application to policy, practice and public awareness. To make sure we reach the largest audience and make the biggest impact, we are:

  • Promoting Brain Story certification across sectors connected with child and family welfare, and substance use; and

  • Hosting the Brain Builders Lab, a forum for champions, innovators and agents-of-change to develop initiatives in their communities that incorporate Brain Story learning.

Sign-up for the Brain Story using CCSA's special link to qualify for access to the Brain Builders Lab. You must register using this link to be eligible for the event. ​The goal of the Lab is to chart a path to integrate Brain Story knowledge into action.​

Video embedded with permission from the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, Palix Foundation​​​

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​​​Brain Builders Lab 2019

The Brain Builders Lab will take place over two days in March 2019 in Ottawa. The event will bring together professionals from across the country in health, education, social work, justice, child and youth welfare, family services and Indigenous affairs. Participants will exchange ideas, engage with experts and craft project plans to apply Brain Story knowledge in their communities. All attendees to the Brain Builders Lab will be required to complete Brain Story certification, using CCSA's special link to register. CCSA will cover room and board for the event, but attendees are responsible for their own travel to Ottawa.

Event attendees will have the opportunity:

  • To access to scientific and practical expertise;

  • To engage and exchange ideas with like-minded people from across sectors and the country;

  • To develop project plans with feedback from national leaders and people with lived experience;

  • To receive implementation support from CCSA; and

  • To create innovative, trauma-informed practices with lasting impact.

CCSA will release more details about the Brain Builders Lab closer to the date. ​​

We thank everyone who submitted their expression of interest to attend the Brain Builders Lab. The deadline has now passed. 

If you have any questions about the Brain Story or the Brain Builders Lab, contact ​