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Addiction Recovery

People can and do recover from addiction to alcohol and other drugs, especially when the right treatments, services and supports are available. These services can include early identification and intervention, peer support, mutual aid, outreach and engagement, harm reduction, specialized treatment, relapse prevention and continuing care.

Why is recovery from addiction a priority?

  • Addiction is a health issue that impacts millions of Canadians. According to research conducted in 2012, approximately 1.4 million people or 4.4% of Canadians met the criteria for a substance use disorder (Canadian Community Health Survey, 2012).

  • The total social cost of substance use in Canada was $39.8 billion in 2002.

  • Addiction treatment works and can lead to long-term recovery. Recovery brings a return to positive citizenship — engagement with family, friends, the community and the workforce.

  • However, barriers can prevent people from accessing the services they need. These barriers can include stigma and discrimination, long wait times, lack of services in rural areas and a fragmented system of care. 

Supporting the recovery movement in Canada

CCSA is working with its partners to increase awareness and knowledge about:

September is recognized and celebrated as Recovery Month in many major cities across Canada. Find out if your city celebrates Recovery Day.

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