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Life in Recovery from Addiction in Canada

Life in Recovery from Addiction in Canada provides results from the first Canadian survey of 855 people in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. The survey, conducted in 2016, provides a wealth of information about the experiences of individuals during active addiction and recovery across a number of areas in their lives such as work, health and family. As well, the survey examines the treatment services and supports people used to help support their recovery. This survey was conducted by CCSA and the National Recovery Advisory Committee.

Why is this survey important?

  • The findings show that recovery is achievable and sustainable, and leads to positive citizenship, such as engagement with family, friends, the community and the workforce. These findings provide hope for individuals and families affected by substance use and addiction.

  • The findings can inform healthcare providers, decision makers and the public as they work to decrease stigma, celebrate recovery and develop more recovery-focused policies and practices in the system of care.

How to share findings from the survey