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Resources for the Substance Use and Addiction Workforce

Resources for the Substance Use and Addiction Workforce

The Essentials of … Series includes seven resources on key topics and evidence-based approaches that provide guidance and practical information to professionals in the substance use and addiction field. Each topic is written by a Canadian expert and includes a list of selected videos and readings for further learning. Some of these topics align with technical and behavioural skills covered in CCSA’s Competencies for Canada’s Substance Abuse Workforce.

Please use the copyright permission form if you would like to reproduce, modify, translate or adapt these resources.

The Essentials of…Series   

Community Reinforcement ApproachProvides an overview of Community Reinforcement Approach, a comprehensive behavioural treatment approach that changes the environment or community of the person using substances so that other activities become more rewarding than using substances.
Community Reinforcement and Family TrainingProvides an overview of Community Reinforcement and Family Training, a therapeutic approach for families and close friends of people with substance use problems. The goals are to increase the quality of life of family and friends, and to teach them skills to help their loved ones reduce substance use and enter treatment.
Motivational InterviewingOutlines the philosophy, spirit, key tasks, skills and processes of motivational interviewing, a conversational style of interviewing that addresses a client's ambivalence toward change.
Pharmacology and Substance UseProvides information about the underlying biology of substance use and dependence, in particular, effects and processes in the brain.
Professionalism and EthicsDescribes professionalism and ethics as they relate to the substance use treatment field and provides practical strategies for integrating ethics into practice.
Substance Use Prevention and Health PromotionDiscusses how a combined approach involving both substance use prevention and health promotion can be effective and supported by a population health framework, including goals, strategies and planning relevant to substance use.
Trauma-Informed CareDiscusses trauma in the context of substance use treatment and outlines key principles of trauma-informed approaches.