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Student Drug Use

​​​​​​Why is student drug use important to monitor?

  • Evidence shows that youth more commonly use alcohol and drugs an​d experience more associated harms, compared to other age groups.

  • Student drug use surveys provide essential information about the prevalence and harms associated with substance use among youth who attend school.

  • Student drug use surveys can be used to identify priority issues and emerging trends.

  • ​Surveys are used to inform decision making about policies, programs and services to improve the health outcomes of children and youth.

Student Drug Use Surveys Working Group

In 2003, CCSA formed an expert group to support the collection of student drug use data in provinces and territories. The Student Drug Use Surveys (SDUS) Working Group is composed of representatives from provinces and territories that regularly conduct provincial and national student surveys. The SDUS Working Group continues to act as a forum to exchange information on survey design and methodology, and to explore special topics through the data collected by the surveys.

Since its creation, the group has developed strategies to support a coordinated approach to student drug use surveys in Canada, and identified and addressed gaps in knowledge to help inform tailored prevention initiatives for students. The group’s most recent reports include Cannabis Use, Harms and Perceived Risks among Canadian Students​ and​ Urban and Rural Student Substance Use​.